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PewDiePie donates $1.5m to charity

Recently PewDiePie dropped a bombshell that he had generated, through YouTube membership revenue alone, a massive $1,520,003 and rather than squandering it by buying a gold-plated car or something, he donated that entire amount to charity.

D&D streamer accused of grooming by several women

Twitch Streamer and extremely well-known Dungeon Master for D&D, Jeremy Black, known online as Arcadum, has been hit with numerous accusations regarding his practises outside of the dungeon, where he’s allegedly used his past trauma and position of trust as a GM to manipulate women for sympathy and sexual comforts/favors.

A Requiem for Rogues

Inspired by the likes of the seminal Yakuza and Persona video game series, and brought to you by LionWing Publishing

Matt Mercer Character Sees Name Change Following Blizzard Controversy

We’ve now learnt thanks to Overwatch’s twitter that McCree, the cowboy character voiced by Critical Role’s Matt Mercer, is going to have a name change. Why you may ask, what has McCree done to deserve this change?

Modiphius and Chaosium Profit from White Supremacists. There, we said it

OPINION PIECE | Let’s start with H.P. Lovecraft, the massive racist who’s literary legacy these two companies continue to ride.

Do we really need an RPG based on a gang-rape anime?

Prepare for salivating Incel fanboys and champions of sexual assault RPGs to have a flagship TTRPG which will appeal just to them.

A Tiny Developer, With a Giant Presence

Not an AAA studio in terms of team size, but better in every way than many AAA studios due to their focus on product quality, excellence and fun-innovative games.

The World is in a|state

Handiwork Games, the brainchild and home of talented genius (industry veteran) game designer, Jon Hodgson has under 20 hours to go on their latest and greatest Kickstarter.

The Maus is Back in the Haus

If you are a fan of Pugmire, Redwall, Mouseguard, the Rescuers, or any games/media where you can play tiny animals in big adventures against a dangerous world, then you might have heard of Mausritter.

Hang up your sword, and put the kettle on!

“A heart-warming new tabletop roleplaying game – where every adventure comes with a tea pairing!”