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Fight ignorance with empathy in Queerz!

What happens when you combine Son of Oak Game Studio, with queer Japanese artist ISA aka: Isago
Fukada? You get… Queerz! the TTRPG! This brand-new tabletop RPG which will take advantage of the award-
winning epic City of Mist TTRPG system/engine launches on Kickstarter September 14th.
Mark your calendars people, because it’s going to be a blast!

 © All rights for Queerz reserved to ISA Artworks / Isago Fukuda

What is Queerz! first and foremost?
It’s all about fighting ignorance and bigotry, which the comics’ villains have in truckloads. Fighting it
with queer powers, lots of colorful energy blasts and rainbow queer abilities. All the good stuff, the
stuff that we want to see more of!
But it’s not just about beating them down typical hero style, nope, our Queerz! heroes go one
better and at the end of a flashy, badass fight, they rock into the personal landscape at the core of
the villain, unpack their past, and help free them from their prejudice and narrow-minded thinking.
When they’re not out fighting the bad people, they cope with the challenges of their everyday lives
and explore their own queerness. This is the kind of queer representation that should be folded into
more TTRPGs.

But I’m not queer, can I play this?
Let me say right now, reading about this, looking at the Queerz! RPG page? Of course, you can, you
can play it, heck, run it for your queer friends. It’s all about acceptance, inclusivity, and finding a way
to embrace others despite socially ingrained conditioning. Let the colors flow, be you lesbian, gay,
bisexual, trans, nonbinary, cisgender, straight, anything else or absolutely nothing at all.
Put on some new colors that you might not have thought to wear, tap into the acceptance and pride
inside of yourself! Show the world the power of your sentai strength, as the game says, and help
others to break free of ignorance and bigotry. You won’t use force here, but you’ll use your queer
powers, empathy, understanding and help your villain to see why they became as they are and step
back from the edge.

Queer Mist!
Queerz! runs on City of Mist, which excellently blends and combos Powered by the Apocalypse
(PbtA) narrative moves, with tag-based, statless, and classless characters. So, thanks to the total
flexibility of this system, you’re looking at character details which can be things like: ‘fierce drag
queen wardrobe’ to ‘bullied as a kid’, ’rainbow hugs of calm’, ‘glittering charisma’, ‘bullied as a kid’,
and ‘energy beam of empathy’ plus many more!
At the core of City of Mist’s character development, and Queerz! is the system that allows Player
Characters to undergo dramatic moments of self-discovery where the PCs (Player Characters)
undergo transformation, swapping out themes (entire aspects) of themselves for new ones, and in
doing so they can unlock new abilities whilst forgoing their former identities.
Queerz launch
Hitting Kickstarter on the 14th of September, the Queerz! RPG will launch, first looking to fund the
Queerz! Basic Box.

Follow the game’s launch and be sure to back it here!

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