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The Avatar RPG (not the blue aliens) blows past £2m on Kickstarter

When you think of Avatar you might think of certain blue aliens, on a far away planet. This isn’t that RPG. This is the official RPG based on the adventures of Aang and Korra, aka: Avatar the Last Airbender, and the Legend of Korra!

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Using the Powered by the Apocalypse rule set, made famous in games such as Root, Masks: A New Generation, Monster of the Week, and powering the newly announced Queerz! RPG. PbtA is a flexible and easy to learn RPG ruleset which allows for a variety of characters with player agency front and center of the experience.
Avatar Legends: the RPG, from Magpie Games takes you into the world of the Four Nations and lets you play in one of the five major eras.

Kyoshi’s Era: This era covers the events after the Shadow of Kyoshi novel – this is all about bandits, governmental corruption and nations defending their borders.

Roku’s Era: A few years after the Fire Lord Sozin came to power, this period of time is known as the Roku era. Where Avatar Roku worked to maintain peace between the Four Nations. This is the era you want to play in if you’re fond of moving/shaking and political intrigue.

Hundred Years War Era: A few years before the Avatar Aang awakens, the Four Nations is a dangerous place to be. This is the era if you want to play in a time of unjust tyrannical rulers. Rebel against authority and protect the weak and downtrodden.

Aang’s Era: This time is set immediately after the events of the Imbalance comic trilogy. Taking place a couple of years after the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender. If you want to play in a world which is post-tragedy, and help to heal it, this is the era you want to jump into!

Korra’s Era: This era takes place a few years after the pivotal events of the Ruins of Empire comic trilogy, and months after the end of Legend of Korra. This is the modernized era of the Four Nations, and focuses on the repercussions of imperialism in a big way.

If you’re a fan of Avatar in any way, you’re going to love this and the different eras. I’m pretty excited for it, and I know a fair few people who are. The RPG includes a 50+ page setting chapter packed with lots of information for both new and old fans of the show alike, stuffed with plot hooks and other goodies to help immerse you in the wonderful and incredible world of Avatar.

At the time of this article’s writing, the Kickstarter has 26 days to go, and has already smashed the goal of £35,995 and is well over £2,000,000 at this point in time. So, you have plenty of time to leap in and join Korra and co in their fight against injustice, and you certainly won’t struggle to find other players.

Bend water, fire, earth and more – play numerous characters of your own creation in the world and most of all, back this one if you want to experience all that the world of Avatar has to offer!

You can also download a Quickstart to try the game yourself!
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