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Flamecraft Scorches Past £400,000 on Kickstarter!

In a magical realm a village awakes, and artisan dragons make coffee and cakes!”

Flamecraft is a charming and gorgeous boardgame where 2-5 player can compete to enchant the town with dragons, tiny artisan dragons. With just 20 days to go on their Kickstarter, their £18,097 goal has been well and truly roasted by the backers and at the time of writing – we’re looking at over £410,000 on the tally.

A phenomenal response!

You can see why as well if you swing by the Kickstarter page and look at the game on offer from Carboard Alchemy (love the name). Designed by Manny Vega, and brought to life with the extremely talented art skills of renowned dragon artist Sandara Tang, Flamecraft is designed to appeal to all ages and is bright, colorful, and most of all: fun!

Art of Sandara Tang

What do you get in the standard box?

22 shops, 42 Artisan Dragons, 21 Fancy Dragons, 18 Enchantments, 6 Dragon Meeples, 6 Heart Score Markers, 210 Item Tokens, 24 Coin Tokens, 6 Player Aids, and a Town Mat to play all of this good stuff on. The Deluxe edition, with a limited run, adds 6 Dragon Minatures, 210 upgraded Item Tokens (Wooden), 35 Crystal Tokens, 35 Anvil Tokens, 35 Toast Tokens, 35 Potion Tokens, 35 Steak Tokens, 35 Leaf Tokens, and 24 upgraded Coins (metal).

You also get two y-Trayz to store all these new goodies inside the deluxe version of the box tray.

It’s pretty obvious when you look at this box set, and the art, the design, the game itself and all the pieces – an absolute fortune of love has been poured into this and it’s a beautiful thing, even though the design isn’t final.

What kind of game is it, how’d I play?

The How to Play section on the Kickstarter is simple, effective, and fun. It has lots of great art, and shows off the items from the game as well as the various cards. If you’re curious about actually playing the game, and you really want to know more you can drop by the pdf copy of the rulebook here and see the work in progress draft of the rules and their explanation.

There are lots of reasons to back this, and the various levels are pretty enticing, moreover they give you a good visual representation of all the lovely bonus things you can get at the various tiers and addons. Plus, if you, like us, want a Bread Dragon in your loaves er… lives, then you can get one for an additional $20 (plus shipping) from the Kickstarter campaign. This adorable plushie has won our hearts, and we think you might love it too.

So, drop by the Flamecraft Kickstarter and see if it’s something you’d love to back.

Art of Sandara Tang

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