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The Maus is Back in the Haus

If you are a fan of Pugmire, Redwall, Mouseguard, the Rescuers, or any games/media where you can play tiny animals in big adventures against a dangerous world, then you might have heard of Mausritter. The box-set adventure game from Losing Games – if you keep an eye on the Ennies, you might also have seen that under Best Family Game / Product Mausritter first-printing has been nominated. So congratulations to Losing Games for that one!

Fans of the original will be excited to note that there’s a current Kickstarter for a 2nd Box set printing and an entirely brand-new adventure collection for your brave heroes to undertake.

Currently over £44,000 of their £4,231 goal this Kickstarter has 14 days to go and over 800 backers eager to dive into the big dangerous world beyond their mice’s safe homes.

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The contents of the Box set & Adventure

What on Earth is Mausritter then?

Described as a rules-lite fantasy adventure game, where you, as the player take up the mantle of adventurer – grab your sword and shield and brave many dangers in a huge and challenging world.

Brutally fast, equally flavourful character creation: This is designed to get you into the thick of the action fast, and get you playing your mouse adventurer as quickly as possible.

Physical card-based inventory system: This has been designed to minimise bookkeeping and create hard choices, where your stuff matters.

Dangerous and evocative magic system: There are 15 spells to find and cast, and they are not your run of the mill enchantments!

Generous Toolbox of resources: One for the GMs out there who love to have a ton of flavour, support, and those who desire to make their own mouse-scale sandbox-style adventures.

All-new Adventure Collection: These adventures are designed to let you delve into the dangerous grottos, gardens, and out of the way places of The Estate.

If you’re wanting to see what Mausritter is about, then you can dive into the rules here

Some key points about 2nd edition Mausritter then

The 2nd print rulebook is a re-print of the first-edition, has an entirely new cover design. The same content lies within, fast-paced and flavourful rules allowing you to create and play a brave mouse adventurer. There are carefully considered procedures in these rules to help quick play, and to assist the GM create and run their own games set in the world of Mausritter.

The text remains unchanged, except for edits, typo fixes, some clarifications and other minor updates.

New box set

This new box set is a reprint of the first-edition Mausritter Box Set, sporting an entirely new cover design. Containing the updated rulebook, GM screen, the Honey in the Rafters Adventure site, a set of inventory cards with a dry-erase marker, and a pad of character sheets.

For more details drop by the Kickstarter page and check it out here