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D&D streamer accused of grooming by several women

TW: Emotional manipulation, women groomed for sex and sympathy, screenshots and more from victims.

Jeremy Black aka Arcadum has been hit with multiple accusations today

Dungeons & Dragons, you know it, you love or hate it, and it’s in the news once more. But it’s not Wizards of the Coast this time, or anyone at the company. This time we’re going to be diving into the seedy world of online streamers, on Twitch, who use their position and power to groom women via a variety of means, including emotional manipulation to get what they want: sex and sympathy.
Twitch Streamer and extremely well-known Dungeon Master for D&D, Jeremy Black, known online as Arcadum, has been hit with numerous accusations regarding his practises outside of the dungeon, where he’s allegedly used his past trauma and position of trust as a GM to manipulate women for sympathy and sexual comforts/favors.
Arcadum’s first public accessor is fellow Twitch streamer Momo. We’re going to link to Momo’s tweet here, and a few others, we want you to read the whole tweet thread and digest it. For us to go into this deeper, would require more words than we have in this particular news piece.

Momo isn’t the only woman that Arcadum has predated upon, the list is extremely long and disturbing.
Kelli Siren wrote, “This is never something I wanted to have to do. Arcadum has been someone I’ve considered a close friend for 3 years now. I had so much respect for him, and really thought he had that same level of respect for me. He raised me up as a person, in dms and publicly. He supported me and told me he believed in me and my music. I felt like we were close personally and had a bond as he was there for me in a lot of ways. It was never just that though. There came with it a whole slew of red flags and serious issues.”

Read Kelli’s account here

The long-short of it is that Kelli was removed from one of Arcadum’s projects after his long-time girlfriend found chat logs, ones of an intimate nature. Kelli says she only obliged to these chats for fear of losing the man as a long-time friend.
Men like this work just like that, they make it the victim’s fault, as Kelli says here, “I was afraid of him. Every time after he would say he was sorry and ask if I really wanted it,” Kelli wrote. “This proves he knew he was harassing me. He would say it didn’t seem like I was into it. I wish I had just told him no bluntly instead of engaging, but it just didn’t feel easy for me to confront him on it.”
Arcadum’s grooming didn’t stop there, there are women across his projects and community who are coming forward with experiences. Women like Cri45 who were driven into PTSD so badly by this man, they ended up having to go into hospital – a vulnerable women, who came to this man, who used his position of trust and knowledge of her past traumas to hit on her.
She wrote, “He started me on a spiral of PTSD,” and “I didn’t sleep for days. It got so bad I needed to be hospitalized. He manipulated me and used me like a pawn knowing I was vulnerable.”
Arcadum has yet to respond to this, but apparently, he plans to do so today, as long as he can find a place to set up.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this as it develops, so expect to hear more from us as we cover this one.