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People flock to Kickstarter game after “white power” imagery used in marketing

TGG Games‘ latest Kickstarter campaign, Tournament Fishing has been accused of using promotional imagery that depicts a “white power dogwhistle”.
A few days after the game launched its marketing campaign, a twitter user quickly pointed out that one of the images appeared to display a frog depicting a “white power” hand symbol.

The twitter user @425suzanne has since locked their account

Jeff Bergren, the CEO of TGG Games and owner of The Gaming Goat has in the past stated on Facebook that he cannot be cancelled because he only dates minorities.

A screenshot of Jeff’s Facebook comment about getting cancelled

In response to @425suzanne‘s concerns about the imagery, Mr. Bergren responded on Twitter that she had an IQ lower than a frog and called her a troll.

Following the initial backlash, TGG Games added a caption to the frog image stating that he hated nobody

Following the accusations, and Mr. Bergren’s responses as well as his past social media activity, Board Game Guru banned Mr. Bergren and TGG Games.

The controversy has not stopped people flocking to the Kickstarter. A cursory look at the campaign’s comments suggest that a large amount of their new backers are funding the project precisely because of the image and online backlash.

Even if this image was a coincidence and TGG Games hadn’t intentionally intended to appeal to the “anti-woke” crowd, the subsequent controversy has driven precisely that crowd to the defence of this game and company.

We will continue to cover this story as it develops.


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