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Feminist Miniatures that don’t need rescuing

If you’ve been around the Tabletop Gaming industry for any length of time, then you might know the name: Annie Norman. Don’t worry if you don’t, because we’re going to spin you up to speed quicker than Batman can set his turbines on the Batmobile!
Annie Norman is the genius behind the company Bad Squiddo Games!

Bad Squiddo Games is a one-person show, Annie runs the business, and she set it up to re-dress (literally) the balance of scanty-clad female miniatures in tabletop and wargaming. Before that she was known as the Dice Bag Lady, but now Annie has taken the tabletop gamers love for miniatures to a new level.
With the help of sculptors: Phil Hynes, John Morris, Alan Marsh, Shane Hoyle, Jo Brumby, Tim Prow, Martin Baker, Delaney King, Kev White, Mark Evans, and Andrew May. These talented putty pushers create some wonderful designs for Annie and her company.
Those designs are brought to life in exquisite paint jobs by: Dreadquill, Workbench Warriors, Geek Girl Bookworm, Electric Eve (and John Morris once again).
Annie’s number once aim for Bad Squiddo Games is: to create and supply the miniatures that would have made the hobby far far better for my 10 year old self. To welcome more young girls and women into wargaming and miniature painting, as well as providing diverse options to the entire gaming community. And yeah – cool toys!
We’re right there with her on that one too!
Which brings us to the other reason we’re spotlighting Bad Squiddo here, their latest Kickstarter which ends on Sunday!

Definitely Not Damsels – 28mm Women Warriors for TTRPG

With 59 hours to go at the time of this writing, Definitely Not Damsels has drawn in £11,227 of their £3,000 goal. With 290 backers who all want these fantastic miniatures to grace their gaming lives, spaces, and tables!
With the talents of Shane Hoyle, Kev White, Mark Evans, Andrew May, Alan Marsh, and James Sherriff on sculpting, you’re getting a diverse range of female miniatures with sensible dress and cool design.
What do you get, well, you get a lot of miniatures.

These are 28mm scale, cast in extremely high-quality white metal. Where possible everything is a single piece. They come without supplied bases, but are moulded on easily removable puddle bases. They’re also unpainted – you can paint them yourself or throw on an ink wash to bring out the detail. Every single miniature is hand sculpted.
The Kickstarter closes on Sunday the 3rd, so if you fancy some extremely well made and sensibly dressed ladies in your gaming life as miniatures – now’s the time!