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Advanced Lovers & Lesbians Quickstarter!

Advanced Lovers & Lesbians

Thirstier than ever, want more Sword Lesbians, of course you do! We’re happy to announce that there’s a Quickstarter rockin’ out right now for Thirsty Sword Lesbians, to bring Advanced Lovers & Lesbians to print.

If you backed the original TSL, and if you did, thank you for contributing to queer gaming in the tabletop space, and supporting queer developers. You get a shiny PDF of Advanced Lovers & Lesbians already.

This Quickstarter, which at the time of us writing this, is rolling in at £44,954 of £11,222 with 1,089 backers – 11 days to go! Is definitely worth it if you loved TSL the first time around, and you’re buckling that swash for more!

Advanced Lovers & Lesbians, what is it?

It’s more of the great stuff that makes Thirsty Sword Lesbians, see our previous spotlight, and get a copy!

Let’s quickly break it down!

10 new character playbooks (and their creators)

Ten new very THIRSTY Sword Lesbians!

The Bloody: by Erin Edwards. When a problem can no longer be solved amicably, when a threat to the community demands violence, the Bloody stands ready to do that violence on behalf of others.

The Dream Mirror: Be the person of her dreams—and theirs, and hers, and that other person’s too. The Dream Mirror knows how to be just what others want. The one thing they don’t know? How to be themself. Created by Christie R. Fremon.

The Ensemble: by April Kit Walsh. A pair of individuals who can be more than the sum of their parts together, or so deeply into each other that they’re lost to the world.

The Hologoddess: They are will, made synthflesh. A machine who fights, and loves, with mathematical precision. Created by Katherine Cross.

The Investigator: by Ash Cheshire. Clever, inquisitive, and hot on the trail of mysteries relating to the Toxic Powers. Slow to trust others, with a strong desire for truth and justice.

The Legion: A soldier chosen by destiny, the latest to bear the name and powers of their legacy of past incarnations. Do they remain true to their present self or to the many “thems” that came before them? Created by Pam Punzalan.

The Matriarch: by Alexis Sara. Warding over a gang, kids, or partners who look for their help to stay alive, the Matriarch must weigh their family’s needs versus taking care of their own.

The Naga: Hunted for their magic crest jewels, the shapeshifting Naga live in hiding, hoping to find moments to share their true selves while passing in a society that would do them harm. Created by Mariam Ahmad.

The Sun Hand: by Jan Martin. Obsessive in their pursuit of skills and knowledge, The Sun Hand uses their mastery of baking magic to support friends, empower themself, and defuse bad situations.

The Troubadour: They live to entertain and have a good time, but that often takes a back seat to earning a living. Keeping everyone happy is both their blessing and their curse. Created by Bryanna Hitchcock.

21 new settings!

21 settings

There are twenty-one new settings (count em) in the book, and here are just three from that list to whet your appetite. Jump over to the Quickstarter right now to get the gist of the rest.

Battle Bards of the Sol System by Bryanna Hitchcock. From the jungles of Venus to the dark mines of Pluto, the Battle Bards wander performers the solar system righting wrongs and bringing factions together for peace.

Crystalia by Ash Kreider. Centuries of battle come to a fevered pitch as the Archon Alliance battles the evil Lich Prime and his Necrohorde. The fate of Crystalia lies in the balance!

Era’s End by Emily Care Boss. Peace in the Land of Dalmeya was balanced on a marriage bond now severed by death. You and your Spiral Walker Sisters, a band of fighters, seekers, and diplomats, have been entrusted with helping to calm the flames of conflict as powerful factions scheme and vie for the throne.

4 detailed adventures designed to get you right into the tone and theme of Thirsty Sword Lesbians!

4 epic adventures

Such delights include:

Years ago, you discovered a magical realm and undertook an epic quest with your queer companions. Now, a decade later, the shimmering portal to that place appears again and the fantastic land you cherish so much needs your help. Old foes, best friends, and new threats await you in Through the Looking Glass by Lauren McManamon.

There are also options for a more two-person style of play, a plethora of random tables to help you tailor the game to a more intimate experience and more!

Advanced Lovers & Lesbians is an expansive 272-page book full of full-color artwork which is designed to capture the full spectrum of characters you can play. These are reflective of the diverse, expansive, and totally queer worlds found within its pages.

There are just 11 days left on this one, and here at Exiled News, we’ve kind of fallen head over heels for Thirsty Sword Lesbians and we’re really hoping that it’s something you might have been looking for when you opened this writeup!

So, grab a sword, some money, and dive into a queer world of romance and zingers!

Back it!