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Strixhaven: the Accessible Campus of Magic!

Dance, dance revolution!

Accessibility is Important

Wizards of the Coast is zooming back to Strixhaven soon (December the 7th to be exact) and the Magic the Gathering world of: Ravinca. Their upcoming adventure and setting book is nearly upon us, soon you can use levitate to deck the many halls with baubles and the slain heads of your foes (only kidding on that last part).

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos!

D&D may be shrouded in a lot of early controversy, but it appears the team behind these new books is determined to change things for the better.

Right from the get-go, we’ve been watching Strixhaven here at Exiled News with the kind of interest that was gathered by the first shared images on social media. They looked diverse, interesting, and not typical of the heteronormative D&D we had seen in the past.

Then recently, we saw this: https://twitter.com/dreamwisp/status/1465324978941747206

This kind of thing is really important to us, and honestly, it should be important to anyone right now. Representation matters, and even I have a T-Shirt with it on.

The Image in question is this: A sidebar in a D&D book. “STRIXHAVEN ACCESSIBILITY the buildings on campus feature magic steps and staircases that respond to the needs of those who use them. The steps might shift up or down like escalators or they might flatten out completely before raising or lowering like lifts to accommodate larger creatures and mobility devices, depending on users’ needs. In certain multistory buildings (including the Biblioplex and Captain Dapplewing’s Manor), magic transport circles also allow characters quick access between different levels.”

Strixhaven setting book WotC team

It looks like Strixhaven is going to be that magic school book that D&D and WotC have been looking to do for ages, one to allow D&D players to engage in wizard fantasy without having to rely on another school of magic created by a certain author who we talked about here in this indie-RPG based on her works.

We are now really excited to see what else lies inside the Strixhaven book, and honestly, we’re also really excited to get our hands on the Owlin (see the image under this) to find out what they’re capable of, and engage in some school-style Beverly Hills 90210 meets Magic the Gathering stories that take the focus away from hack and slash, and into the teen romance of spells and sorcery.

An Owlin to the far right, cute eh?

A rival clique looking to ruin your good name, a secret lab deep inside the spell-lit halls of the building, or a budding romance with a new wizard, mysterious, alluring, and maybe just a little bit dangerous.

That’s Strixhaven, and we cannot wait!

Strixhaven Product Page

Working together!


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