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Time to GROK?! a new RPG

GROK?! cover

Today’s fun offering comes all the way from the creator known as Lester Burton, aka Lestortoise over on Itch.io. What am I talking about, well, it’s a little game called GROK?! Which is an adventure game where you basically assume the role of an adventurer (as per usual) in a gonzo world of boundless plausibility, you use your ingenuity and resourcefulness to overcome strange and potentially perilous threats.

GROK?! Is deeply inspired by the old-school adventure games of the past, the creator cites that it’s been influenced by greater works such as Cortex Prime, Electric Bastionland, Fate Core, Freeform Universal, Index Card RPG, Knave, Numenera, Savage Worlds, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Technoir, Troika!, and Vagabonds of Dyfed.

That’s a heck of a list RPG fans, and some badass inspiration right there.

Some quick project info then:

  • Once successfully funded, Digital and Physical copies of the game will be released by April 2022. You can support this game directly through Patreon or through the Kickstarter from January 27th through March 4th.
  • A Digital Copy will be available for $1.
  • A Physical Copy will be available in the US for $10 (plus S&H) and includes a Digital Copy.

This 24-page booklet will be printed in full-color on 100lb paper, containing:

  • An overview of the setting, including history of planet Grok.
  • Detailed rules and advice for gameplay and setup.
  • Multiple tables for generating Traits, Assets, Threats, and Scenarios.
  • 2-Page Quick-Start Guide that describes the basics of the game.
  • Character Sheets for Actor Characters and Director Characters.

The creator is funding this project on Kickstarter to make a high-quality printed booklet, and honestly, it’s something that is really worth backing as far as we’re concerned after looking at the KS page and the game’s system/design tenets.

147 backers have hit this project so far, and it’s asking for £149 to make it a reality. It’s pulled in £1,432 and honestly, we’d like to see it do really well – so if you read this and you get tickled by the idea of GROK?! As a game, go for it!


The planet of Grok was once a haven for trans-dimensional migrants and a bastion of advanced technomancy, until a cataclysm rendered it a desolate hollow planet.

Now, feral monstrosities haunt its chasms, cities float among the clouds, and a derelict space station encapsulates the planet and bathes the world in perpetual phosphorescent radiation.

Yet, a new era of enlightenment is dawning. Civilizations grow from the ashes, relics of immense power await those who would learn their lost secrets, and threats of caste warfare loom as leaders vie for power.

All the while, a creeping black nothingness peers up through the hollow of the world.

Go on, give it a chance and jump in since they have 35 days to go!


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