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Doggos that are HECKIN’ GOOD!

Seriously, just look at how Heckin’ Good these doggos are below, aww!


It’s Monday and it’s pretty much a typical one already, so I opened up the net to see if there’s anything worth covering on say: Kickstarter. Heckin’ DOGGO there is! Let me introduce you to Wet Ink Games, a small gaming company with big heart, and a great attitude. Wet Ink Games’ Brandon Aten would like you to know that the company emphasizes pen and paper RPG’s as a collective storytelling experience for the enjoyment of all involved.

This is great, and I really love how it’s reflected in their latest Kickstarter.

Heckin’ Good Doggos has 383 backers so far, and these good doggos would like you to know they have 19 days to go. £7,454 was the asking amount, and they have managed to raise £8,992 at the time of this writing.


One look at the concept, the art, and everything about this is enough to melt even my icy cynical, and tarnished soul. This is going to be a great one for a good time, for all ages, family friendly and the perfect gateway RPG experience for people to join one of the best hobbies of all time. The players get to take on the role of humankind’s best friends. Then you play dog adventures, and Dogs doin’ Dog Stuff!


  • Finding their favorite treasts!
  • Barking at that squirrel up the tree!
  • Finding their missing human Best Friend! (grr)
  • Banishing an ancient spirit that threatens the neighborhood!
  • Scavving for supplies in a futuristic post-apoc wasteland (Fallout 4 Doggo anyone)?
  • And lots lots more!

Heckin’ Good Doggos is a game of make believe where players can experience the world from an animal’s point of view. Some things will seem familiar, like protecting their backyard from potential threats and protecting their owners, while others are purely fantastic and whimsical situations they find themselves in like helping a ghost resolve its business so it can leave this world. It is simultaneously serious and silly, with an emphasis on crafting scenarios that make players have a blast while also having to solve the many challenges they will experience in ways that only doggos can.

Heckin’ Good Doggos KS spiel
Best BUDS!

Heckin’ Good Doggos uses the +One system, the same system used for Wet Ink Games’ “Never Going Home” and “Tenebria” RPGs. In the system, the player’s skills are linked to an attribute which determines how they can modify their results after rolling the dice. A roll can be manipulated in the following ways:

Before a Roll:

  • Temporarily gain an untrained skill (dice are bought separately).
  • Add a die to the roll (ex: roll 4 dice on a skill with 3 training).

After a Roll:

  • Add a pip to a die (ex: change a 4 to a 5).
  • Reroll any number of dice. Keep the result (once per skill roll).

Drop by the Kickstarter page, see the rest of the system, and look at the fantastic team. Heckin’ Good Doggos looks fantastic, a lot of fun, and I think you’d be barking up the wrong tree if you didn’t jump on this one especially if you have canine obsessed children, friends, or you’re into dogs and RPGs.