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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky comes to Switch this Summer

Gorgeous shot from NMS by MajorVex

There are days when I open the net, peer at it with jaundiced eyes and think thoughts that would get me banned off most social media. Then there are days when I open up my browser, look at the various game sites on the RPG scene and video game industry and do a double-take, either due to the sheer gall of a company like the nuTSR or heart-warming stories such as the Hello Games Remaster of Joe Danger to help Jack, an Autistic child cope with life a little better.

This caused many feels

This is about Hello Games, but not the Jack story. This is about No Man’s Sky and the incredible feat that it has to have taken to put this procedurally generated space game exploration and chillax journey onto Nintendo Switch.

Yep, you read that right. Nintendo Switch players will be joining the rest of the No Man’s Sky travellers in the Summer of this year.

Mind blown as Sean Murray gif would suggest.

Sean’s tweet started it off

Then there’s the video (at the end of the post), captured on the Switch and running No Man’s Sky, a pretty demanding game all told, and one which is packed with more features and updates than many games currently on the market. No Man’s Sky comes with 5 years of updates, and that’s 5 years of free content which dramatically altered the game and ensured that the NMS journey could continue.

Sean has always said, every update, this is a step toward something bigger – this is a Foundation, this is Next, Beyond, and so on. With each new update this game transforms beyond the original premise and E3 promises, into something so much more.

Now Switch games will be able to jump into that journey and explore the worlds that the other players have been able to enjoy since the slew of updates. It’s an incredible feat of programming, development and engineering to get something like No Man’s Sky onto the Switch, and I am impressed with Hello Games and Sean Murray for being able to do something like this.

I’m also extremely happy to see another platform brought into the mix that is No Man’s Sky, and I really do encourage all of you who might have been put off at launch, to grab the game and give it a go once more.

It’s changed a lot, something like 18 updates, large and small have evolved the game from what was once a pretty basic space exploration sim into something truly unique and special.

Finally, just to end this before it gets too long here’s the trailer

Good luck Hello Games, may the launch be even in your favor!