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Spotlight on Ethan. H. Reynolds

As you know, by now. Exiled News doesn’t follow a strict plan, in fact, we have a bunch of contributors who fly by now and then. There are a few of us who work away at various posts to provide a snippet of news and an insight to creators large and small across the tabletop roleplaying game scene, boardgames, as well as video games.

So let me cut to the core and talk about Ethan. H. Reynolds for a little bit.

Check out Ethan’s Patreon here if you want to support Ethan’s work, and honestly, I suggest you do because they are doing some pretty great things.

Ethan has even been the focus of a Trademark strike by Cyberpunk 2077 developer CDPR: proving they at least know something about Cyberpunk, or rather proving they are just as bad as any other Corporation out there.

This aside, Ethan has been doing some great stuff as is deserving of all the support we can muster (hence when I was passed their info over by my buddy, I wanted to throw this down ASAP) – fast and loose, that’s the way I roll.

Let’s talk Ethan’s Cyberpunk project for a bit, before we zip on over to Coven, their new project and one-page RPG.

Neon Nights on DTRPG

Neon Nights

In Jeriko City, everybody wants to be somebody. Who do you wanna be?

Neon Nights is a cyberpunk/dystopian tabletop RPG set on Earth after a nuclear war devastated the entire planet. After hundreds of years of thousands of people roaming the desolate, irradiated Great Wastes, megacities emerged from the dust of deserts. Where there was once crumbling roads and dancing dust devils now stand skyscrapers towering over hundreds of thousands of roaming pedestrians walking the streets of Jeriko City, located on the East Coast of the once powerful United States of America.

Neon Nights contains an astounding amount of content, including:

*Dozens and dozens of unique, build-friendly Perks

*Dozens of occupations that make your character feel fleshed out and original

*Dozens of skills attached to each occupation that feels personal and useful to your character

*A plethora of weapons and supplies that make your loadout feel personal without too many things to keep track of

Neon Nights also has near infinite build freedom, making each of your playthroughs feel unique and interesting. No more classes and no more level-specific spells or skills!

*Want to specialize in long-range combat using sniper rifles? Go for it.

*What about using deception to trick and lie your way to victory? It’s here!

*What about a steroid-fueled maniac who craves nothing more than gore on their baseball bat? This game is perfect for you. 

Freedom is paramount in this RPG, and the moment that you begin playing will be all you need to fall in love with this completely new and original system designed by Ethan H. Reynolds.

So, will you follow the law, and use the state to pave your way to power? Or will you rebel, and watch banners fly because of your courage? It’s up to you to decide.

Neon Nights DTRPG entry

Right from the kick off, you can see Ethan is passionate about their work, and puts a lot of love into these kinds of products. Which is what you’d expect from an indie designer, since they have a lot more to fight for/against in the TTRPG space when the bigger fish are swimming in the tank, profiting off NFTs based on cosmic horror, and raking in the cash from a legacy of White Supremacists.

Ethan just lays it out in the most Cyberpunk way possible though with Neon Nights and that’s what I love about it, it’s more Cyberpunk in theme and attitude than even CP 2013/2020 which are glitz glamour and style over substance, which is about as Cyberpunk as 2077.

Switching gears now, let’s look at Coven

Coven on DTRPG

Coven: A One Page Warlock Only TTRPG

One Page RPG?

I’m in!


In a world where magic is forsaken…

In Coven, create the warlock of your dreams. With this one-page system, anything is possible.

It includes…

–          An easy to learn system that allows for characters to be built in MINUTES

–          Lore that is open enough for GMs to run wild

–          Enemies that will add an extra flavor to your games!

Become the scourge of the inquisition or change the world for good in Coven today!

BRB, making Julian Sands’ character from the movie Warlock!

Coven looks to be a lot of fun, and currently it’s had about 3000 downloads, making it one of Ethan’s most successful games so far. So, if you read this, give Ethan some love and dive on over to their DTRPG and drop some $£ etc on their products!

You can also follow them on Twitter


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