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Night City in Next-Gen

V – next gen art

If you hadn’t worked it out yet, I’m a big fan of video games as well as table-top, board-games, and even live action RPGs. When Cyberpunk 2077 launched 10th Dec 2020 we expected a great deal, we’d been sold a dream of a truly interactive/reactive Night City and more things to see/do than any game previously made, even by the likes of Rockstar.

We did not get that.

At all…

We got a buggy, broken mess on Xbox/PS4 old gen consoles, and backward compatibility on the rare-as-hell Xbox Series’ & Playstation 5. I was one of the lucky ones, got a next-gen console, but the performance on that was less than stellar and left much to be desired. CDPR had taken all that good faith they’d built on Witcher and just blown it in a spectacular fashion. Their shares nosedived, their reputation tanked with all but the most rabid of fans, and they left the game in a state.

Various promises had not been kept, the game was bland, it lacked life, and the story was the only thing going for it. Night City, was in a word: a wash out (OK, that’s 3 words).

Time passed, we got some patches, things improved and we were left in the dark.

Until Tuesday Feb 15th 2022 – when CDPR smacked onto the net with their latest Night City Cyberpunk live stream, revealing not only 1.5 but Next Generation version gameplay as well. They capped this off with the words: download now, and offered a trial version of the game complete with progression saving so you don’t need to start again.

Platform info

Finally, Cyberpunk 2077 is part-way there to being the game we were promised it would be. CDPR listed a bunch of new additions in the stream, but they kept a whole lot back for players to discover – secrets to find in Night City and welcome surprises galore.

Were they blowing smoke across a mirror though?

Take a look at the trailer for the next-gen here!

In my time in Night City since 1.5 (both on an established End Game play) and with my new character, things have been different. Not only are the next-gen versions really good looking, smooth, and with ray tracing on Series’ & PS5 – but they feel different. Gameplay is refined, and the combat feels better, driving is really good now and the various vehicles do feel different.

Crowds are more responsive, and they don’t vanish into thin air.

I’ve even seen cops tearing up the asphalt to chase down gangers in a sudden dynamic car chase.

If CDPR can build on this, and add that promised interactivity – like they have done in our new apartments – this will be as well loved as Witcher 3 is.

Hope to see more from Night City soon!