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No Man’s Sky: Sentinel

Sentinel Hardframe Mech

Hello Games, out of the blue once again hit No Man’s Sky players with a surprise update. Sean Murray, the absolute master of social media hype these days (though he doesn’t like to admit it) began with a tweet, it was either a water pistol to some on the Bird App, or a revolver from the Old West. It was a gun though, and this fuelled the community speculation on what it might be for several days as the dance of tweets, Re-tweets and Sean’s trademark engagement with his fanbase began.

It was a combat update, it was an Expedition, base defence, and so on – more and more people began to add to the discussion. One thing I’ve come to expect from Hello Games is well, the unexpected, because it’s never just about the update.

Hello Games always likes to go above and beyond, and one look at their patch notes for any of the updates on the No Man’s Sky site will show you they have a great presentation which extends well beyond the game. As Sean says, you can feel the love pouring out from his team when you read these notes.

On the 16th of February, Sean landed his final tweet that blew the lid off the whole thing, complete with a release trailer.

3.8: No Man’s Sky: Sentinel

Fight alongside your own personal robotic companions and battle an array of new foes in the SENTINEL Update! Introducing a total overhaul of weapon systems; new lore and stories; all-new Sentinel enemies and combat behaviours; the ability to reprogram and adopt your very own friendly AI drone; and much, much more!

No Man’s Sky 3.8 Update: Sentinel entry.
Pew pew pew

To go along with this there was the trailer for Sentinel which gives an overview of what you can expect from the update, and shows off the new Sentinel foes you’re going to encounter when you engage with them.

Frankly, it blew me away.

So I downloaded it, and I have played over the last few days to see what it’s like. I’ve only just had time to finish the new story which kicks in when you own a settlement from Frontiers. The new story gives you the means to earn all the new Minotaur Exo Mech upgrades, and your very own Sentinel companion drone to help you out and make those Solo sessions less lonely.

Not to mention you can also install an AI autopilot into the mech to provide support in combat.

From the new content, to the visual overhaul of the game, No Man’s Sky is going from strength to strength – what with datamined parts for Freighters adding more speculation to the next update 3.9 or maybe even 4.0 – Sean has said he’s not done with the game by a long shot.

I can’t wait to see what’s next, and remember, all of this is free.