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Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD Sale!


This is it, the final week, before En Publishing closes the doors and shutters production on Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD. Whilst we don’t know all the details regarding this, it’s a shame that one of the coolest systems for a while (What’s Old is New (WOIN) that powered another incarnation of the Dredd RPG (previous Mongoose) is probably going to be replaced by another system developed in-house by Rebellion (this is speculation, but we’re guessing that WOIN won’t license their system to the IP holder) – we’ll have to wait and see on this though.

So this is an everything must go situation, and if you’ve been sitting on the idea that you can pick up the system later to play. This is definitely your last chance, lucky though, because there’s a huge sale and all the PDFs are reduced.

You can get them right here at the Big JD&Wo2000AD SALE! By Grudd!

You can also go direct to En World’s site and nab the books, items that are not reduced are PoD (Print on Demand)

If you don’t know what Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD is, a quick primer for you. It’s a WOIN powered RPG core rule book which provides the base rules for the various settings of the 2000 AD property, and there are a lot of those (EN had the license to work with and develop about 150 of these settings if they had the chance).

Key to the whole thing is Dredd itself, the rule-adhering, strong-jawed, enforcer of the LAW in Mega-City One. The Dredd RPG core led on to several books which in-turn brought in various comic-based storylines such as the Judge Child, Luna-1, the Day the Law Died, and Apocalypse War to name a few.

Dredd though wasn’t the only book in town, before the end, EN managed to put out two other non-Dredd related properties, such as Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog.

The former focuses on gene-bred soldiers of a blue hue, who fight against an enemy in the far future on Nu Earth. The title character, Rogue, is a soldier who walks Nu Earth with the aid of his former comrades who are now slotted into his gear via the chips in their heads. That’s right, when a G.I. (Genetic Infantryman) dies, they get to live on in the helm, bag, and gun of their buddy. Until they can get slapped right back into a new vat-grown soldier.

Alpha action!

The latter, Strontium Dog is set again in the far-future and focuses on mutants, their lot in life (not a good one), and the world of Johnny Alpha (the title character), a mutant who can see through solid objects and influence people’s minds. Mutants in this setting have little rights, and they can’t hold down a job that decent normal (Norms) folk do. So they’re left with just one, Bounty Hunting, and they become the Strontium Dogs – bringing in the most dangerous humans, aliens, and their own kind that the Galaxy has ever seen.

If any of this interests you, then jump on the sale now, before the doors close on this system for good.