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Magicians Menagerie hits Kickstarter

Murks, one of the turtle-folk wizards

We love Kickstarters here at Exiled News, in fact, we adore any third party funded projects in RPG a lot. Me, I am a big fan of magic, hence my latest build on Elden Ring playing with sorcery! Talking of magic though, this is a new project that could do with your help and a boost. There’s 14 days to go and the creators are looking for £4,287 to bring it to life. They have just raised (so far) £1,611 of the goal and really could do with a boost to that amount.

What is it though?

It’s a collection of magic users, arcanists, and spell-type people as well as new spells, items, and even inspiring stories to add flavor to the package. It also features a line art coloring book too!

Realmwarp Media are the talented people behind this, and they have a great mission statement which makes me even more eager for them to succeed!

We aim to make fantasy and sci-fi media more accessible and prominent by honoring the classic elements of the genres in innovative and inclusive ways. This includes breaking down the challenges and barriers to entry for new and marginalized creators, and upholding the value of fair pay.

Realmwarp Media mission statement

So, what’s the skinny on this product?

The Magicians Menagerie is an inspired collection of over 20 spellcasting NPC’s (covering Bardic, Druidic, Sorcerous, and Wizardly themes) for inspiration or implementation as NPC’s, player characters, or fully-fledged personas for your story! 

Kickstarter info

You don’t just get a TTRPG product though, you’re going to get add-ons for Virtual Tabletop tokens, there are mugs, even a coloring book!

Every caster in the book uses a variety of unique spellcasting methods, their own flavor, foci, and even magic. They’re superbly illustrated with a variety of interesting hooks and details in their backgrounds, and perfect to add diversity and interest into your collection of NPCs.

Written for D&D 5th Edition primarily, there’s nothing stopping you from converting them to other systems with a little bit of work.

Say hello to Veriat Control!

Preview sample of Veriat Control

Veriat is just one of the unique NPCs that you’ll get from the book, if you are interested to see more, here’s another – this time it’s Florona Brightleaf

Preview sample of Florona Brightleaf

The project includes the work of a lot of talented people, including the excellent Gwen Marshall of Arcanist Press and 2CGaming

You can see much more on the Kickstarter page, and go give the developers some magic to help them cross that line!