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Trans Rights are Human Rights

Trans Rights Texas TTRPG bundle

What went down in Texas recently was terrible for trans folx, and Governor Gregg Abbot along with the Texas Attorney General’s office showed their contempt for trans rights, with some truly horrible transphobic declarations. As anyone who gives a damn knows, trans children are extremely vulnerable and this puts them in danger along with any supportive loved ones – in a word it’s: monstrous.

Enter Rue and a host of 300 creators with a bundle to support trans folx, and to provide much-needed support to help keep trans folx heads above water in Texas. This bundle for $5 brings together 300 creators and their TTRPGs – a collection of 493 games which alone are valued at $2,816 so that’s a month’s worth of %99 savings right’s there. Yep, this bundle is at the moment, only up for a month and ends in 1 month 0 days and 23 hours according to the tracker.

TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas! bundle’s proceeds stand at the time of this writing at $89,959.94 of their original $100,000.00 goal, that’s a lot of goodwill and support so far, but they could always use more.

What happens to your money when you support this?

Proceeds from this bundle will be split between two organizations: Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) and Organización Latina de Trans en Texas (OLTT). TENT supports gender diverse equality in Texas through educational efforts on an individual, community, corporate, and legislative level. They also provide emergency relief fund grants to trans people in need.

Organización Latina de Trans en Texas is a trans-centered, trans-run nonprofit that focuses on creating safe spaces for trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex Texans. They provide shelter space, both long and short term residences, gender and name change legal aid, and other community building services for trans people.

There’s also more too, because other folx have stepped up!

This bundle is also being offered in partnership with Hit Point Press: If you purchase this bundle, send a screencap of your receipt to support@hitpointpress.com to receive a game file from their library!

Solarian Games would also like to offer some of their Top Secret products for folx who purchase this bundle! Email EqualityTexas@solariangames.com a screenshot of your receipt to receive download keys.

This bundle is fantastic, and includes work from Ethan. H. Reynolds who we did a spotlight on, and 299 other creators of games like: Fractured Kingdom, Tricksters, Working for the Corp, Strike! and many more.

The bundle has been put together with the help of Jess and Mo of HuetopiaTV and trans folx desperately need your love, and support.

Because: Trans Rights are Human Rights, and we stand 100% behind this fact here at Exiled News.