Terminal Overdrive for Carbon 2185 launches to backers

Carbon 2185!

I’ve had my eye on Carbon 2185 for quite a while, the D&D 5th ed powered Cyberpunk setting from Robert Marriner-Dodds and Dragon Turtle Games. Carbon has always been an interesting RPG to me, more so than the previous and newer editions of Cyberpunk that blasted on the scene with 2013, 2020, and the other we don’t talk about. Then Cyberpunk RED.

To me, Carbon feels more alt-tech speculative sci-fi Cyberpunk and I love that, I can’t lie.

So, what’s this Terminal Overdrive then?

TO for short, is a project which has been hit with problems, delays, and clicked for the Brexit, Shipping, COVID, and more. It’s a project that asked for £15,000 and managed to pull in over £182,000 at the time of closing.

In the words of DTG:

Terminal Overdrive!

The critically acclaimed cyberpunk tabletop RPG featured in Forbes and New Scientist is back! Carbon 2185 | A Cyberpunk RPG is set in a dark dystopian future marked by environmental collapse and extreme poverty. Cyberpunks must fight their way out of this oppressive world, or die trying!

We’re back on Kickstarter to bring you a levelled up reprint of the Core Rulebook complete with a whole host of tweaks and changes based on the past 18 months of player feedback.

We’re also here to bring you Terminal Overdrive by Ben Counter! Dive into the Apeirosphere in Terminal Overdrive with a full length mission book, new player Origins and expanded ‘cyberspace’ rules!

DTG TO Kickstarter

What you originally got with TO:

Terminal Overdrive will feature a full length 150 page mission by Ben Counter that sees the cyberpunks plunge themselves headfirst into a fast moving story featuring hackers, rogue AI, and world ending threats. 

If the cyberpunks expect to survive an encounter with The Enigma Collective and the Sculptress, they’ll have to operate at ‘terminal overdrive’ or suffer disaster at the hands of a powerful nemesis.

DTG Kickstarter for TO
  •  Full length mission/adventure – Battle the mysterious Enigma Collective hacker group and rogue Sculptress AI in this level 1-10 mission.
  •  Awakened Mech Origin – A new player origin with three suborigins that allow cyberpunks to play the game as a robot with newly acquired sentience.
  •  New augmentations/cybernetics  Brand new augmentations that will push the boundaries of the world of Carbon 2185. Good luck getting past security with these.
  •  New weapons, armor, and items – New items to flesh out the world and increase player options!
  •  Cyberspace rules! – We know it does, and that’s why we’re adding rules for cyberspace! Get ready to dive into the Apeirosphere with new hacking rules and rules for traversing and doing battle within the matrix.

Well, I have some great news… after all this, Terminal Overdrive is finally out to backers. DTG have pulled the boat out on this one, fought against some overwhelming odds and managed to achieve incredible things (I’ve seen this PDF) even though they have been hammered by issues time and time again.

Kudos DTG!

If you want to know more about the project, you can hit up the Terminal Overdrive Kickstarter and check it out.

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