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Racist TSR 3 Logo

Star Frontiers: New Genesis is Racist

There’s no damn beating about the bush on this one folx, SF: New Genesis by NuTSR, TSR3, or whatever you want to call them. The leaked playtest spits on the original, and I imagine that game if buried, would be spinning so fast in its grave as to dig a hole right through to the other side of the planet. To break it down, it’s reprehensible to use a word that I picked up from a Brit I know.

Let’s look at this utter garbage shall we?

Since its inception thanks to an issue where the original trademark wasn’t renewed (oops), the new TSR aka TSR Hobbies was created on June 19th 2021 and so far has managed to piss nearly everyone in the industry off thanks to its owners. After a segment of silence, name changes, and so on it’s now returned to its TSR brand and brought with it…

SF: New Genesis co No Hate in Gaming

Star Frontiers: New Genesis, aka: Aryan Supremacy: Racial Discrimination TTRPG in spaaace!

It comes to something when you think the Imperium of Man from 40K is less racist after looking at this stuff.

The writer, crafter of bigoted tweets who is utterly incapable of actually creating anything that’s not a total racist trash pile, is none other than Dave Johnson. Just look at this for an example of Dave’s brand of… engagement: https://www.nohateingaming.com – then come back and get ready for more!

NoHateInGaming have done some damn good work here exposing this total shitshow, and yes, I’m calling it what it is. I mean come on, this is the Space KKK Manual and it’s not even SATIRE!

There is a Negro race, NEGRO. It’s a sub-species of the superior and more powerful Nordic race…

Negro according to Dave are: Thick bodied, strong, and low intelligence.

Nordic are good at everything, blue eyed, very strong, blonde and… I shit you not, he just needs to paint a picture of Adolf on his wall and wear a Swastika T-Shirt at this point.

NHIG tweet is here

It gets better, because the manual outright states that Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fascist movements are radical. So yeah, being opposed to Nazis like my granddad was, that’s radical, and extreme. I’m sure there was a war about this…

There are better projects to give your time, energy and money too, and I’m just going to quote something I saw from the When the Wolf Comes TTTPG recently.

Nazis Fuck Off!