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Cyberpunk 5e? Carbon 2185 comes to Kickstarter!

Dead Channel Studios launches Kickstarter for Carbon 2185 | Legacy Rising.

Tabletop publisher Dead Channel Studios have launched their Kickstarter campaign for Carbon 2185 | Legacy Rising, an expansion of the critically acclaimed D&D 5e cyberpunk conversion Carbon 2185. Carbon 2185 is a cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game released in July 2019 and created using the extremely popular D&D 5e ruleset. The cyberpunk hit has been featured in Forbes and New Scientist.

Founded by Lewis Scott Fraser in 2020, Dead Channel Studios has built a small and fiercely loyal audience across their eight previous Kickstarter campaigns.

The new expansion for Carbon 2185 is the first officially licensed third party product for the game, but Lewis clarifies what that means:

“I’m excited to be working on and publishing official Carbon 2185 content. I began my career in the Tabletop RPG industry working on Carbon 2185 at Dragon Turtle Games, and it’s great to be working on the game again.” Lewis said “There is huge demand for official Carbon 2185 content, and we are here on Kickstarter to give people what they want.”

Some backers had concerns about whether this third party supplement was truly canon in the world of Carbon 2185, or whether it was akin to a fan made supplement? Lewis went on to say “These missions are 100% canon and official Carbon 2185 content.”. That clears that up.

“In Legacy Rising the player characters will join the Fragmented Legacy, a secretive group led by A.I. holograms working in the shadows of San Francisco’s society to further their own mysterious goals. The cyberpunks help the Fragmented Legacy consolidate their power in the shadows as they push, prod, and shoot their pawns into the correct places.”

Carbon 2185 | Legacy Rising 5e is accepting pledges on Kickstarter through February 26th.

Back the campaign here.


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