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MythCraft roleplaying game blows away Kickstarter

What is MythCraft?

Coming hot in a wave of magic from Grant Mielke, CEO of Quasireal Publishing and host/creator of the Homebrew Podcast is a brand-new epic RPG saga. Say hello to MythCraft!

Found here at this MythCraft Kickstarter link. Try out their free demo there too!

It’s not often I get drawn toward a cool-looking TTRPG instantly, but there’s something about this one which caught my eye. They asked for £24,528 to get it going, and as of today (03/22/2023) we’re looking at a grand total of £70,886 at the time of this writing. Not bad at all!

Just one look at this particular graphic gives a solid overview of what drew me to it, since I love the idea of customisation options, but also enough leeway to be approachable for beginners. I am a big lore dude too, so they hooked me at the official setting level as well. Other things that caught my eye, the 11 classes, 14 lineages. Not to mention the 23 occupations, backgrounds, and profession choices.

MythCraft offers an expansive and customizable system for the fantastical adventures at your table. There are 11 separate Classes14 unique Lineages, 23 individual Backgrounds and Occupations, and so, so many Talent Points and Spells. That means thousands of unique mechanical builds available in the base game! 

Reimagined combat, a fresh take on spellcasting, and a myriad of plot hooks rich with lore and vibrant NPCs invite you into an entirely new fantasy universe brimming with potential. 

MythCraft Kickstarter info.

Just one look at this fantastic image gives me the kind of polish from a TTRPG I’m looking for, especially when you consider the kind of work that’s going into this one. It just outright screams of a professional approach, and a real eye for quality and slick design.

Sign me up!

Then we have the actual world itself, and it sounds interesting, especially to someone like me who absolutely digs magic in any way/shape or form. Except for a certain author’s books about a kid and a lightning scar. The less said about that, the better. MythCraft’s world looks to be one to really allow for some nice chunky roleplaying, and some interesting political play if that’s the kind of thing you’re jonesing for.

The world over, rumors stir of folk manifesting strange magical powers; is it causation, correlation, or coincidence? Seek the answers to these mysteries, and embrace magic’s wondrous power. 
Explore towering mountaintops above the clouds, or descend into vast chasms riddled with strange technologies from eons long forgotten. Embrace these emerging magics and try to divine the mysteries of the gods. Experience all the wonders of the great nations across the continents of Ancerra with your steadfast adventuring companions.
Ancerra is a world of adventure and myth, teeming with opportunity and new discoveries.

As you can see here, there’s a lot of care, attention, and detail gone into the crafting of this world from a writing point of view. As well as the map design, which looks extremely good even though the graphic loses some in compression. Definitely give this one a look, and dive over to the Kickstarter page to drop some goodwill their way.

It’s honestly nice to see a system like this, and an approach like this as well. It’s fully funded, so anything else is additional stretch goals and so on. If they smash 100K, then all the books will be hardcover.

May the tides of magic help them across that line!