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Santorini Pantheon Edition comes to Kickstarter!

OK, just bear with me for a moment whilst I step back, take a few breaths and bask in the sheer glory that’s this damn fine looking game right here. Santorini is popular, really popular, but this Pantheon Edition is something that has managed to blow my mind whilst pleasing my eyeballs into a happy place full of cute and beautiful miniature design. This Pantheon Edition has value for money and design quality for days!

If you don’t know about Santorini, it’s a pure-strategy game, a masterpiece according to so many people where you play a god or goddess from the Greek Pantheon. You compete, you manoeuvre your workers and attempt to construct a spectacular island village.

It’s perfect for kids, adults, and me… who is basically a big kid with a huge grin right now.

This game has some impressive stats, and well, it’s the top 1% of Board Games on Board Games Geek. It’s sold 450,000 copies worldwide, and has a lot of love from many people who’ve already played the previous version.

What’s this though, Santorini Co-op & Deluxe Pantheon Edition…. tell me more, I hear you ask?

Fine, you twisted my arm!

Want new gods, a whole plethora pantheon of the things? Revamped rules, and absolutely brilliantly designed new components?

Of course you do! That’s why you’d back a new version of this absolute classic!

Here it is!

Look at these pictures and let them speak louder than my words, but come back to read the rest please, or I don’t get let out of the office!

It’s not often I am left absolutely stunned by a Board Game, especially since I’m more fond of TTRPGs. But this, this is worth every single moment I spent looking at that KSer (A long time).

Plus there’s more too, because there’s the Riddle of the Sphinx: A co-op expansion for 1-4 players, with an adventure book that offers unique scenarios spread across the Greek Isles.

I am extremely impressed with what’s on offer, and Roxley Games are absolutely knocking all of this out of the partk. Now if you want to get onto the Kickstarter then you have, as of the time of this writing around 2 days to go. I am just sorry that I didn’t see this one closer to launch, because I’d have recommended it to a lot more people than I already have.

I really do suggest that you take a look though, and if it’s something you really like the look of drop by the page and nab a copy, check out their pledge levels and grab a really beautiful and absolutely gorgeous-looking Board Game for your collection.

Heck, if you’re just starting out on board games, then this is the ONE for you right here!

The Kickstarter as of the time of this writing has made £802,974 of a £59,334 goal, and honestly, it’s not hard to see why. 9,233 backers have put their money into a project which has some of the most stunning, and divine (heh) design I’ve seen for a long time, across the art and the models. Also, just as I leave you to potentially back this, check out this absolutely badass board.

The goddess’ and gods will be pleased!