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Santorini Pantheon Edition comes to Kickstarter!

If you don’t know about Santorini, it’s a pure-strategy game, a masterpiece according to so many people where you play a god or goddess from the Greek Pantheon. You compete, you manoeuvre your workers and attempt to construct a spectacular island village.

It’s perfect for kids, adults, and me… who is basically a big kid with a huge grin right now.

Spotlight: Jonny Hodgson Illustrator

You can’t go more than a few books in the RPG industry without finding some amazing art, it’s true, these days many of the books have production values that various companies can only aspire to. I remember being blown away by the art in Cubicle 7’s previous edition of The One Ring RPG and this turned my attention to the work of Jonny Hodgson.

People flock to Kickstarter game after “white power” imagery used in marketing

TGG Games‘ latest Kickstarter campaign, Tournament Fishing has been accused of using promotional imagery that depicts a “white power dogwhistle”.A few days after the game launched its marketing campaign, a twitter user quickly pointed out that one of the images…

Flamecraft Scorches Past £400,000 on Kickstarter!

“In a magical realm a village awakes, and artisan dragons make coffee and cakes!”