A Requiem for Rogues

Inspired by the likes of the seminal Yakuza and Persona video game series, and brought to you by LionWing Publishing

Do we really need an RPG based on a gang-rape anime?

Prepare for salivating Incel fanboys and champions of sexual assault RPGs to have a flagship TTRPG which will appeal just to them.

The World is in a|state

Handiwork Games, the brainchild and home of talented genius (industry veteran) game designer, Jon Hodgson has under 20 hours to go on their latest and greatest Kickstarter.

The Maus is Back in the Haus

If you are a fan of Pugmire, Redwall, Mouseguard, the Rescuers, or any games/media where you can play tiny animals in big adventures against a dangerous world, then you might have heard of Mausritter.

Hang up your sword, and put the kettle on!

“A heart-warming new tabletop roleplaying game – where every adventure comes with a tea pairing!”

Harry Potter Tabletop RPG reclaims Hogwarts from the TERFs

Public perception of author J.K.Rowling’s public statements is that she espouses transphobic rhetoric.

D&D creator’s son says “he wanted to be a school shooter” amid Trans rights row

As if he was wishing to prove the satanic panic around D&D in the 1980s right, E. Gary Gygax Jr. recently appeared to state on various social media sites that he wanted to shoot up a school. A company associated…

The Avatar RPG (not the blue aliens) blows past £2m on Kickstarter

Bend water, fire, earth and more – play numerous characters of your own creation in the world and most of all, back this one if you want to experience all that the world of Avatar has to offer!

Fight ignorance with empathy in Queerz!

What happens when you combine Son of Oak Game Studio, with queer Japanese artist ISA aka: Isago
Fukada? You get… Queerz! the TTRPG!

TSR Abandons Logo Trademark

In the ongoing saga of TSR’s revival, TSR, LLC (also known as TSR3 and TSR4) has abandoned one of their recently acquired trademarks. The TSR dragon logo, currently owned by Wizards of the Coast was registered as a trademark by…