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Second Steps: Elden Ring

The Lands Between are an unforgiving place in Elden Ring, with much of the lore wrapped up in various quests, side-quests, and locations which require dedication to get to. It’s a beautiful game, starkly so at times, and delivers some of the most rewarding exploration I’ve experienced in an open world game to date. It really isn’t going to be for everyone, and for as many people as I’ve seen laud the game as one of FromSoft’s best since Sekiro, there are dozens who bounce off it harder than heavy attack from a greatshield.

First Steps: Elden Ring

From Software are known these days for Dark Souls, or the *Souls-like genre of games which are marked by their tough encounters, difficulty, and tricky systems to master. You can learn them, but you won’t master them for a long time. People in my circle, fellow gamers and console nerds gave me some odd looks the other day when I dropped a pre-order for Elden Ring down.

Three February Video Game Releases

The drought of games is almost over, you know the one we mean. Happens usually through January and can sometimes roll on through Feb, and even March in some cases. What with big-name games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 being put way back to December this year, and Saint’s Row reboot set for August unless there are more delays, there’s a few titles rolling out in Feb that I felt were worth talking about.