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Twitter Blue Subscriber Launches D&D Kickstarter

Cawood Publishing, who pay $8 a month for Twitter Blue, have launched their new D&D Kickstarter campaign. The campaign in question promises new fantasy monsters for your Dungeons & Dragons 5e games. According to the Kickstarter page, the monster book “Monsters of the Dungeon: Brave the Darkness” is compatible with other fantasy RPG systems.

Cawood Publishing announces D&D Kickstarter from their Twitter Blue subscribed Twitter account

The Monsters of the Dungeon: Brave the Darkness crowdfunding page promises colour illustrations, statblocks, and bios of “100-120 new monsters” across “160-175 pages” if the campaign reaches the lofty CA$32,000 goal. We can’t help but feel this goal could be at least $8 lower if they were able to get that from another source. This is not Cawood Publishing’s first D&D Kickstarter. In fact it is their 10th since 2015, with their first failing to fund. This one certainly doesn’t look like it will fail! The campaign was over 25% funded within just a few hours of launch.

The page claims that the book will also include “seven chapters detailing seven types of dungeons: Arcane, Castle, Manor, Thieves’ Guild, Tomb, Wilderness, and Mountain.” and slightly confusingly “over 300 quest ideas, magic items, and encounters for each chapter.”. It is not clear if Cawood Publishing are using an Oxford comma. At the time of publishing, Cawood Publishing had not responded to our request for clarity.

Monsters of the Dungeon: Brave the Darkness is the sixth monster splatbook written by Andrew Cawood and illustrated by Travis Hanson. The previous five books; Monsters of FeylandMonsters of Feyland 2: The Well of DreamsMonsters of the UnderworldMonsters of the City: Sins and Virtues, and Monsters of the Wilderness: Oswald’s Curse all successfully funded with their own individual D&D Kickstarter campaigns. Previous entries in the series have released to favourable reviews and strong sales on popular marketplace DriveThruRPG.

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