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STRAY makes me want to sleep until 2022

Cats of all shape and sizes make up a sizable portion of many of our lives, there are lots of us who gravitate to the furry felines and have more than one, some of us reach levels of cat that require a giant house or at least a lot of litter trays.
There are not many video games though which cast you in the role of the mischievous furry miscreants. That was until Stray hit the scene, a PC and PlayStation (timed exclusive) game which is due to arrive on those platforms sometime in 2022. Very little was known about this Anna Purna Interactive, BlueTwelve studio third person cat-adventure until recently, with the reveal of a short but lovely trailer which dived into aspects of the game.

This adventure takes place in a decaying cybercity, a neon-lit ruin of a world that once was, now inhabited by robots, and other creatures, including the focus of the game – the titular stray cat we get to play.
The trailer shows off a vertical slice of the game and gives us a heart-warming look into the life of our bedraggled feline hero, as well as a quick look at the kinds of things we’ll be able to do.
Not only will we explore the world through the third person adventures, and eyes of the cat, but we’ll be able to use our feline cunning to solve puzzles and sneak around. One of the opening segments of the video shows how our furry traveller is able to stop a whirling fan by damaging it with a can.

To do so, the player needs to take advantage of the cat’s natural agility, and their own powers of perception or is that purrception? To find the can in the environment and navigate to it.

Image copyright Anna Purna Interactive and BlueTwelve

Another segment shows off the cat shoving a barrel through a fragile window to reach the floor below.
We’re also introduced to the cat’s newest friend, aka: B12. A small drone which inhabits the ruin of this world. B12 is not only super cute, but also the cat’s interface with the city and the objects. The drone can help the cat open objects and other locked containers which would require human hands to function. B12 can also translate between the cat and the robotic inhabitants of the city too, allowing for potential side quests perhaps.
The main focus seems to provide a lot more lore to the world.

Stray looks fantastic, and the cat is charming, with the animations and the world itself looking excellent even at this stage. It looks a fun, and relaxing game, which will be perfect for cat lovers across the globe.
So, watch out for Stray stealing our hearts in 2022!