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Hang up your sword, and put the kettle on!

Snowbright Studios came to our attention fairly recently, and now they’re firmly on the list of studios we can’t wait to see more content come in from. Billed as Your Friendly Local LGBTQ+ Game Studio, they have a current Kickstarter running for their first game set in the Verdant Isles.

Allow me to put the kettle on, and tell you a tale or two over a date and walnut cake.

Let me weave you a story of the Verdant Isles: Teatime Adventures RPG.

A heart-warming new tabletop roleplaying game – where every adventure comes with a tea pairing!
This tagline alone caught my eye, seriously. A game about diverse, representative, and wonderful characters – solving adventures with empathy and conflict resolution? Rather than hacking foes to pieces in an endless quest for xp and loot.
Sign me up!
Using the D&D 5th Edition RPG system?
Sign me up for a new take on D&D for certain!

What is it?

Teatime Adventures is a series of three, one-shot adventures. These adventures are designed to fill between one and four teatime sessions. A charming concept that fills us full of thoughts of warm summer evenings, bees in the garden, and a chat with friends as the click of dice roll over the table.
Magic rather than murder and mayhem!

Where is it set?

Say hello to Oakenbend, a fully realized LGBTQ+ and disability friendly town, beautifully captured in map form and focusing on narrative rather than the accumulation of goods. Oakenbend looks gloriously Beatrix Potter, and has a superb charm to it that draws you in. Just looking at the Kickstarter, this is a place that we’d love to explore further and seems the perfect setting for tea and adventure!
A place that is filled with sumptuous narrative-rich adventures, personal stories, mysteries and more. A place that is design to allow characters to explore the unknown, relationships, and meaning.
But that’s not all, each adventure features a tea-pairing and even a homemade vegetarian recipe for the table to share.
Just the thought of this fills me with joy, and I really love the concept behind this – it’s in a word: unique.

Magic through harmony

The magic of the Verdant Isles can take many forms, but the one that caught my attention was the concept of Harmony Magic. Magic woven in a cooperative nature, with the players all working together, to grow and improve Oakenbend.
A quick trip to the Kickstarter will fill you with visions of fantastic worlds, seen and glimpsed by the likes of the Magic Faraway Tree and Wishing Chair by many older gamers in their youth. A truly wonderful concept, and at the time of this writing there’s 23 days to go and 211 backers who helped to fund the studio’s dream.
So, if you want to visit Oakenbend, enjoy a slice of adventure life, and a pot of tea. Then join Snowbright Studio and take a trip to the Verdant Isles!

Check it out here on Kickstarter

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